Where Can I Watch Free Nigerian Movies On Line?


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Affectionately known as Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry is booming and there are plenty of great websites to try. One of them is Naijaland, where there is an extensive library of free Nigerian movies for you to enjoy. The link can be found here: www.naijapals.com/?L=video.nigerian_movies&movietype=1

One of the leading films for you to watch is Feelings 2, the heart-breaking story of Miriam, a woman who marries the man that she never loved even though she is attracted to other men. Struggling to cope with the prospect of a lifetime in partnership with someone who she doesn’t find attractive, the film shows the journey of Miriam as she decides what to do. If this sounds like the type of film you would find gripping, you can watch the link here: www.naijapals.com/video/Feelings_2-57233

There are also some great amateur Nigerian movies that you will be able to find online on sharing websites such as YouTube. Such performances will be rated by previous viewers, along with detailed reviews in some cases of what some people thought.

The Internet is a great place to immerse yourself in Nollywood. However, you should be careful to ensure that you don’t infringe on copyright by illegally downloading the movie onto your computer. The actors and actresses who deliver the storylines in these films will rely on royalties to make a living, and without you purchasing the movies for your enjoyment, it isn’t possible for the production of these fantastically-produced films to continue.

If you want to enjoy Nollywood movies but you’re short of disposable income, there’s nothing to fear. Free websites full of the latest Nigerian releases are easy to find.
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I would like to watch Hollywood movies from african Nigeria where can I look at them without paying
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Hi ! You can follow YouTube for it and here you will find a lots of desirable movie  as you want . Apart from these movies another are also available here.
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I would like to watch  hollywood movies from Africa and Nigeria where I look at them without  paying . And I  want them in English.
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Have you tried you tube and then after typing in Nigeria films or Africa translated in English subtitles
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You can try youtube.com. It has tons of movies and videos to choose from
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There are Nigerian english movies and there are are movies in Nigerian languages with english subtitles for free online. The best place so far is www.naijazone.com type a title to search or select one of the hundreds of pre-selected titles to watch for free.
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Visit www.Afroclick.net and watch all the current African movies and meet lots of people from Africa.

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