How Many Movies Did Ben Johnson Make With John Wayne?


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Ben Johnson was cast in four films with John Wayne, the second and third of director, John Ford's cavalry trilogy: 'She Wore A Yellow Ribbon' in 1949, and 'Rio Grande' in 1950.

1969 and 1970 saw the two working together again, with director Andrew McLaglen in 'The Undefeated', which also had Rock Hudson in it, and 'Chisum'.

• Ben Johnson - early days
Ben Johnson was born on the Osage Indian Reservation in June 1918 of Irish and Cherokee ancestry. When he was a young man, Johnson traveled with his father on the rodeo champion, where he soon became a champion.

In 1953, he was the Professional Rodeo Cowboys' Association's Team Roping World Championship.

• Film days
Howard Hughes bought some horses from the ranch in Oklahoma that Johnson's father managed and hired Johnson to transport them to Arizona where Hughes' film 'The Outlaw' starring Jane Russell was being shot. It didn't take long before he was doing stunt work in the 1939 movie, 'The Fighting Gringo'.

It was this that caught the eye of Ford who hired him for the 1948 film, Fort Apache' in which he was the riding double for Henry Fonda. Ford was so impressed that he gave him a seven year contract to act in films, rather than do the stunts.

Apparently, when he was handed the contract, Johnson only managed to read to the fifth line before he signed it: That fifth line told him that he would be earning $5,000 a week!
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They missed one for sure they were also together in the TRAIN ROBBERS

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