How Many Kids Did John Wayne Have, And What Were Their Names?


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Actor and film legend John Wayne had seven children, from his three marriages. Their names are Michael, Toni, Patrick, Melinda, Aissa, John and Marisa. He also had some 21 grandchildren.

John Wayne was born Marion Morison in Iowa in 1907, son of a pharmacist.  He was married three times, in each case to a Latin American woman. 

His first wife was Josephine Alicia Saenz, to whom he was married from June 1933 (when Wayne was 26 years old) to 1945 when they divorced.  Their children were Michael Wayne (born November 23, 1934) Toni Wayne (born 1936) Patrick Wayne (born 1939) and Melinda Wayne (born 1940)

In 1946, Wayne married for the second time to Esperanza Baur.  The couple was divorced in 1954 and had no children.

Wayne’s third marriage, to Pilar Palette, daughter of a Peruvian diplomat, came in 1954 and lasted until his death in 1979. It resulted in three children, Aissa Wayne (Born 1956), John Ethan Wayne (Born 1962) and Marisa Wayne (Born 1966).

In his final years, Wayne lived with his long-time secretary, Pat Stacy, an affair that the press refrained from commenting on.  However, there were no children from this relationship.

Despite his tough guy image, his fans and public never realized that Wayne was a very domestic man who loved his home life.  It’s hard to believe but he enjoyed shopping with the family and would help pick out dresses for his wives to wear.

He was also a very private man who avoided press publicity about his married life and always refused to discuss the break-ups and divorces that he went through.  He once famously told an inquisitive reporter, "I drink as much as I ever did. I eat more than I should. And my sex life is none of your goddamn business."
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Marion Michael Morrison AKA: John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa on 5/26/1907. He produced 7 children in his many marriages.
These children are:
Michael, born 1934
Toni, born 1936, died 2000
Patrick, born 1939
Melinda, born 1940
Aissa, born 1956
John Ethan, born 1962
Marisa, born 1966

John Wayne died on 6/11/1979, in LA, CA. Of advanced lung cancer.

He was a true American Hero who will always be missed.

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He was a great American Hero to me too. And I surely miss him. Many of the movies in the later years he was acting with only one lung, as well as still doing some stunts. Amazing huh?
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John Wayne died of stomach cancer, not lung cancer.
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What movies did his children act in with john Wayne
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Michael Wayne. Born November 23, 1934 / Died March 2003
Toni Wayne. Born 1936 / Died Dec. 2000
Patrick Wayne. Born July 15, 1939.
Melinda Wayne. Born 1940.
Aissa Wayne. Born 1956.
John Ethan Wayne. Born 1962.
Marisa Wayne. Born 1966.
And John Wayne Died of Stomach cancer, probably because of Utah, and the nuclear testing, although he did alo have lung cancer- therefor having his lung removed...
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John wayne had no chitlins -now marion michael morrison had a bunch : ).here is his biography read down towards the bottom of this article.

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