Which Movies Have Jack Russell Terriers In Them?


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There are many movies featuring Jack Russell Terriers as pets.

My Dog Skip (2000) tells the story of the strong bond of friendship between Willie (who is nine years old at the beginning of the film) and Skip the dog. The film is based on the autobiographical novel by Willie Morris. Skip is played by two dogs, one of whom is named Moose, and the other who is called Enzo. Enzo is Moose's son in real life. Both Jack Russell terriers also appear as Eddie in the TV sitcom Frasier.

Ernest Goes to Jail (1990) and Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) both feature a male Jack Russell Terrier called Rimshot, who is characterised as being cute and clever.

Clean Slate (1994) features a Jack Russell named Barkley, who wears an eyepatch due to a visual impairment.

Hotel for Dogs (2009) has a Jack Russell Terrier named Friday as one of its main characters. The same dog actor (whose real name is Cosmo) also appears in Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) and Beginners (2010).

The Mask (1994) features a Jack Russell Terrier named Milo as one of the only friends of Stanley Ipkiss (played by Jim Carrey).

In Water For Elephants (2011) a Jack Russell Terrier called Queenie plays a minor part. The same dog, whose real name is Uggie, plays Jack in the French black-and-white silent film The Artist (2011), where he saves his owner's life.

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My dog skip

The begineers

The mask

Clean Slate

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The movie you refer with a Jack Russell Terrier would be "The Mask". It would be the cute dog by the name of "Milo" belonging to Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey). The Mask came about as comic book series that was published by Dark Horse Comics. The Mask, the 1994 film was an adaptation of this starring the popular actor Jim Carrey. Later came a spin-off cartoon series on television as well as a 2005 film called Son of the Mask which was a sequel.

Wishbone is arguably the most famous or popular of Jack Russell Terriers. He is the title character belonging to the tremendously popular as well as award winning children's television program in the United States.
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As long as you're mentioning TV, you might include "Eddie," the Jack Russell Terrier on the program Frasier. I believe the dog who "played" Eddie is really named "Moose."

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