What Spy Movie, Set In Hawaii, Did John Wayne Star In With James Arness?


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This Cold War movie, set in Hawaii and starring John Wayne and James Arness, is called Big Jim McLain. The film was not very popular: one critic on trusted review website Rotten Tomatoes describes the film as "a pathetic anti-Communist propaganda film with a snarling John Wayne at his ugliest."

About John Wayne and James Arness

John Wayne and James Arness were close friends, and starred together in four movies: Big Jim McLain, Hondo, Island in the Sky, and The Sea Chase. Both actors are best known for their work in the Western genre.

Big Jim McLain

Big Jim McLain is a political thriller, released in 1952 and directed by Edward Ludwig. The film co-stars John Wayne and James Arness as HUAC investigators Jim McLain (Wayne) and Mal Baxter (Arness) who attempt to break up a subversive Communist organization in Hawaii. The film also stars Nancy Olson (of Sunset Boulevard fame) as Nancy Vallon, McLain's love interest.

In some European countries, changes were made to the script through dubbing, and the movie was released under the title Marijuana, with the villains being drug dealers rather than Communists.

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The movie in which John Wayne and James Arness started together set in Hawaii is called “Big Jim McLain” and it was directed by Edward Ludwig.  Its release date was 30 August 1952in the USA.  In this movie, the two appeared as investigators from HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) who were sent to Hawaii to track communists who were involved in the issues related to the trade unions in Hawaii. This movie is set in the post world war II scenario. The purpose of the duo is to investigate a communist camp in Honolulu.
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