Is There A John Wayne Movie That He Didn't Wear A Hat In?


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I believe that John Wayne made his last film in 1976 called The Shootist bringing an end to his remarkable career that spanned more than 50 years and over 180 motion pictures...maybe his last film he didn't wear a hat but John Wayne always had a thing about hats and playing the good guy who always got his leading lady in his films.
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I was going to say The Quiet Man but then I remembered that he wore a hat in that one too!
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Yes, I assume you mean the standard cowboy hat?  In the movie The Quiet Man he played a character that was Irish.
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Not sure, but what about the one with Steve McQueen, where they both were cops?  Was that "Bullet"?  I'm not a big Duke fan but it does seem to me like there was a movie in which he was hatless.
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Not sure,but that is a good one to research!
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Are you searching? Please tell me you are.
Pamela Mauldin
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Yes I was searching! I googled on questions about john wayne it brought up alot of site that john wayne buffs would love ,at a few of them I asked this question as it turns out they said Dakota.These sites some you can even down load pictures and free sounds from some of his movies it has all kinds of personal ihfo about his life as well all free,of course can call also but his movies and get complete list even movies he made that never made it to showings .I hope you have fun exploring.Much love Pam I God bless in Jesus name Amen
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I don't think he wore a hat in Brannigan the cop movie
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I have seen a lot of John wayne movies and I don't remember where there ever a time when he did not wear one.
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My husband and I are big fans of John Wayne. It's probably UN-American to dislike John Wayne...I think he always wore a Hat.....I sure can't think of any------I was thinking "The Quiet Man" also, but I think your right, he wore one in there, too! I hated it when he passed-on...We love Westerns over here!
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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A lot of people think he didn't wear one in "The Quiet Man" but he did. Thank you though. I do agree, it would be UN-American to not love or at least like him.
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Does a helmet count?  As the centurion in The Greatest Story Ever Told, he wears a helmet, not a hat.  Also, his headdress in The Conqueror (as Genghis Khan!) looks more like a helmet than a hat.
These guesses are based on a cursory review of his filmography on IMDb.  The only John Wayne movie I know really well is Stagecoach, which I love.  Haven't seen many others of his.
There is a movie on the list titled Three Lives, which shows Wayne as "Commentator".  Could not find more information on this documentary short such as whether or not he appeared on screen.

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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you Nanny, but any head cover is what I mean. You did a great job searching. I really appreciate your help! I think I have seen Three Lives, and no he didn't appear in it. Wow, I am impressed, truly I am. Thank you again dear.
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You're very welcome. I have fun doing stuff like this.
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Nope..In every movie he acted in regardless of leading or not, he always wore something on his head.
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How about "Brown of Harvard" (1926), "Bardleys The Magnificent" (1926), "Words And Music", or "Wake of the Red Witch" (1948) ?
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I will have to check into that, I haven't seen those ones, except Wake of the Red Witch, thank you so very much, this might help the hubby to find out.
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I think "brown of harvard" he wore a football helmet.
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Looks like he wears a skipper's cap in "Wake of the Red Witch".
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I really don't think he ever took that thing off i will have to look into that!
Lindiwe:)- that's my real name its south africian(my mom is from there)
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I called a buddy of mine, he kinds remembers "women without men" and "words and music". He knows Wayne played a bit part in one, an extra in the other. Thinks he didn't wear a hat in either.
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I don't know,but John Wayne is a cowboy and cowboys almost always wears their hats.I believe there are some movies that he doesn't wear a hat but I'm not sure.-Iamlegend
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He was a cop about to retire - made late in his career-Name of movie was Brannigan.

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