Where Does George Michael Live?


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George Michael, one of the most famous musicians in the world resides in London. He has also built homes in various parts of America. He is currently living with partner Kenny Goss whom he has been dating for the last ten years. He was also brought up in London.
Michael, a singer and songwriter of English descent, first shot to fame with the band 'Wham!' in the year 1981. They had a number of hits and Michael was beginning to enjoy a successful solo career. Due to this, the band eventually split up in 1986.

George Michael is also one of the most controversial figures in entertainment. He has been constantly hounded by the media owing to his sexual orientation and preferences. Not  being one to remain quiet, Michael has also been very vocal about his drug abuse and was very recently involved in a number of car crashes while under the influence.
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When the press decide!! Sometimes he lives in West
London other times it's North London, then sometimes
it's Highgate and other times it's Hampstead, you wont
find him at Gilston Road as that house is up for £8m
as reported by the media, YET the agents have it on the
market for £12m! Cool £5m PROFIT if he sells for that!

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