Who Can Tell Me The Answer To The Milk And Newspaper Magic Trick?


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Hello Micahmic,
The trick is as simple as complex you take 3 or 4 sheets of a newspaper and between 2 sheets you tape a plastic bag in the corner one side on each page you tape those pages together with tape and keep them within the 2 loose pages then when you roll up the paper you roll the plastic bag to the center so it will be supported by the newspaper then you open the plastic bag as you straigthen out the cone you rolled pour the liquid in the bag then comes the tricky part to unroll the paper and hold the top of the bag with one hand closed so you can show the audience that there is no milk in the paper then reshape the cone again and pour out the milk in the jug again after which you crumple up the cone and discard it without the audience being able to examine the paper to figure out the trick,
it might be a good thing to figure out how much liquid you need to fill the cone so you don't end up with a leftover as it looks like you pour in a whole jug into a newspaper you can't overdo the amount of fluid compared to the size of the cone as it looks it may take a pint don't try to pull the trick with half a gallon as that would be to hard to hold on as well.
Hope to be of help with this answer,
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