Does Anyone Know Any Spine Chilling, Really Creepy, Scary Stories? I Need Something To Tell At A Sleepover.


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I love scary stories too! Here r some that I like:

Drip Drip Drip

One night a young girl, Lily Foster, is left alone for the night, in her country house, while her parents drove out to town for a party. This was fine with Lily, especially since she had her faithful dog, Scout, protecting her throught the night. She made herself something to eat, and sat down at the kitchen table. Turning on the radio to her favorite station, she was surprised to hear a news bulleten declaring that an avenged murderer was on the loose. It advised that people secure all windows and doors as a safety precaution. With her dog by her side, the young girl locked the front and back doors. She went from window to window, and locked each of them one at a time. She reassured herself that she would be fine with her trusty dog, and that her parents would be home shortly, anyway. So, Lily had a pleasant, peaceful evening, and finally decided around eleven o'clock that it was time for bed. She climbed the stairs to her bedroom, and slid under the big, warm blanket on her bed. Before closing her eyes, reached her hand down under the bed, and allowed her dog to lick it- she did this every night, because it comforted her. A short while later she awoke to the sound of a scratching noise at her bedroom window. She eyed the window, and reminded herself that the whole house was locked and she was safe. She stuck her hand under her bed and felt her dog's slobbery tongue cross over the palm of her hand. She sighed and went back to sleep. An hour or so later she sat up in bed...She had heard footsteps in the hallway, and crept out of bed to see if it was possibly just her parents returning from their party. Seeing nothing, she returned to bed. As she was about to stick her hand under the bed, she heard a drip, drip, drip, followed by some footsteps. She walked downstairs into the kitchen and secured the the taps. That surely wasn't the source of the drip. She crept upstairs and climbed into bed. "This is silly," she told herself "I'm probably just imagining things." She stuck her hand under the bed, and felt the dog lick her hand. An hour later she awoke again. A little mad at this point, she jumped out of bed. The dripping wasn't coming from the kitchen so it must be from the bathroom. She crept along the side of the hallway, and walked into the bathroom. She groped along the side of the wall with her left hand, looking for the light switch. She flicked the light on and gasped. There, hanging from the shower rod was Scout-skinned-a pool of blood had formed on the bathroom tile with a continuous 'drip, drip, drip' as the blood from the dog hit the ground. Something on the wall caught her eye; written on the wall was a message in blood..."Humans can lick too."


One cold winter night, sixteen year old Kelly Sanders was home alone, as her parents had gone out to a dinner party at a friend's house. It had been snowing all afternoon, but had just recently stopped. After studying for a while, she decides to relax a little- after all, she finally had the house to herself. She makes some popcorn, gets a nice warm, fuzzy blanket, and snuggles under it to watch one of her favorite movies. In their lounge room, the television is positioned a few feet in front of the glass sliding door that leads to the patio and backyard. By midnight, Kelly's parents are still not home, and she begins to feel uneasy, but refuses to call them, for risk of sounding like she couldn't take care of herself. Suddenly, her eye catches a glint of light from behind the TV, and right there, just outside the glass door, was a crazy-eyed man, grinning maliciously at her, and holding a long, narrow blade in his left hand. Terrified, the girl panics, pulls the blanket up over her head and grabs the cordless phone by her side. Kelly calls the police, and as luck would have it, there was a patrol car less than a block from her house. In a matter of seconds, two officers are on the scene and Kelly tells them about the armed man staring through the glass. The first officer opens the sliding door and looks around the area. After a few moments, she turns and explains to Kelly that there couldn't have been anyone standing out there, as there would have been footprints in the snow. The second officer tells her that she is probably just tired and her imagination was playing tricks on her. He beckoned at the TV where the horror movie she had been watching was still playing. "Stuff like that didn't help matters, either,'' he said smiling. Kelly smiled too, more at her own immaturity than the officer's remark, still a little shaken. As the police are about to leave, the male officer stops and looks behind the sofa that Kelly had been sitting on. His jaw drops and eyes widen in shock. Kelly and the other officer notice his reaction and follow his gaze; they both gasp. There were wet footprints and a discarded knife on the carpet behind the couch. Kelly hadn't seen the man outside he door; she'd seen his reflection when he was standing behind her.
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One night a young couple were driving home from a party. They didn't feel like heading straight home so the boyfriend said "Lets go for a drive and we can spend some time alone together." His girlfriend agreed so they set off down a lonely country road and were soon far away from any houses and got deeper into remote bush-land.

Suddenly the car hit a log fallen across the middle of the road. The couple were startled when the car jolted to a stop, they had not seen the log in time. The boyfriend said "I'd better take a look to see if there's any damage." The girlfriend shivered with apprehension as it was so dark outside. "Be careful" she exclaimed.

After a while the boyfriend came around to the window. "The log we hit has damaged the car badly and we wont be able to drive it . I will need some help to fix it. I thought I saw a light on a few miles back so I will go and see if I can get help." His girlfriend said "No its too dangerous." He replied "Don't worry I'll be fine, anyway we have no choice".

The girl said, "I'm coming with you". "No you stay here and lock all the doors and no matter what, promise me you wont get out of the car". The girl felt very fearful but agreed to do as he said. More than an hour passed and the boyfriend had not returned. The girl began to worry and thought about getting out to go look for her boyfriend.

Then she remembered the promise she made to him and decided to wait a bit longer. She put on the radio to try and take her mind off the rising fear she felt. The only station she could pick up was a was a boring local country station. She listened to a few songs and then a news broadcast came on.

There was a story about an escapee form a local lunatic asylum. People were warned to lock all their doors as this deranged escapee was considered extremely dangerous. The girl became even more fearful but decided to stay put and wait for her boyfriend.

She must have dozed off for she was awoken by a loud "tap tap tap" on the roof of the car. Startled she looked out the windows to see if it was her boyfriend returned, but she could see nothing but darkness. The sound came again tap...tap... Tap, and she wondered what could be causing it?

Too fearful from the events which had passed that evening she could not bring herself to get out to see what it was. The noise continued tap... Tap... Tap, this went on for some time.

Suddenly she was blinded by harsh light and could see headlights shining through the front windscreen. She hesitated wondering if it was safe to get out when she heard a voice over a megaphone "You in the car, I want you to listen very carefully. I want you to slowly get out of the car and come toward me. I am a police officer and it is very important that you do exactly what I say. You are in danger. You must get out of the car immediately and slowly walk over here but whatever you do don't turn around and don't look back!"

She heard the noise again, tap... Tap... Tap. Shaking with terror she slowly opened the car door . She climbed out of the car, the policeman said "that's it, now walk towards me without any sudden movement and remember whatever you do don't look back!" She quickened her pace as she got closer to the police car and as she almost reached the officer she couldn't help herself and turned around.

There on the roof of the car was a bent over figure of a man holding a stick, on the end of the stick she saw to her great horror her boyfriends severed head, the figure was banging it on the roof tap... Tap... Tap.
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O! O!hears the freakiest storie I hear in my life so far and ill tell you how to say it to your friends.
Mary was a spoiled brat that shes got what ever she wanted. Her farther owned a toy store, and one day Mary was bord. So she went down to the toy store. She wanted a new doll to play with so she went down the to the back of the store where the dolls where kept. She didnt like the dolls that were there. She noticed a door next to the shelf of dolls. It said on the door staff only but there were only one person that worked there. She turned the door handle and it was open. She looked at all the stuff they had, but she saw right at the back in a corner was a doll in a cage. She picked it up and look throught a bars. She want this one and she went to the counter and said "I want this doll" the person at the counter said" Where did you get this!? You can't have this!" He went pale when he saw it."My dad said when I come down where I can have what ever I want, and I want this and if you don't let me have it ill tell my dad to fire you!" the person at the counter thort for a bit then he gave her a key that was around his neck, "this is the key to the cage, but I must warn you that this doll is cursted. You must lock it in the cage before the sun gos down." Mary went home and played with it and when she got bord of it she just chucked in the cage and didnt lock it up. The next morning her mom and dad where found dead in their beds. The police came a took them away. She remebed what the person at the counter said and shes riped the doll up went six blocks away to the park and buried the doll. That night shes woke up to the sound of "Mary, I'm in your garden...(say it slow and in a high whisper) Mary, I'm in your kitchen... (choose one of your friends to keep eye contact) Mary, I'm climbing up your stares... Mary, I'm outside your door... Mary I'm I'm in your bedroom, Mary I'm on your bed... (then you wait 3 sec) your DEAD!!(say it loud and in a evil voice) the next morning they found her dead and found the doll with a bloody knife.....
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I love scary storiess to! Here are some of my favorites:

Bloody Fingers:

A businessman arrived at a hotel late one night and asked for a room. The room clerk told him the hotel was all filled up. “There is only one empty room,” he said. “But we don’t rent that one because it is haunted.” I’ll take it,” said the businessman. “I don’t believe in ghosts.” The man went up to the room. He unpacked his things, and he went to bed. As soon as he did, A ghost came out of the closet. Its fingers were bleeding, and it was moaning, “Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!” When the man saw the ghost, he grabbed his things and ran. The next night a woman arrived very late. Again, all the rooms were taken except the haunted room. “I’ll sleep there,” she said. “I'm not afraid of ghosts.” As soon as she got into bed, the ghost came out of the closet. Its fingers still were bleeding. It still was moaning, “Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!” And the woman took one look and ran. A week later another guest arrived very late. He also took the haunted room. After he unpacked, he got out his guitar and began to play. Soon the ghost appeared. As before its fingers were bleeding, and it was moaning, “Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!” The man paid no attention. He just kept strumming his guitar. But the ghost kept moaning, and its fingers kept bleeding. Finally, the guitar played looked up. "Dude, Get yourself a band aid"
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        The doll

There once was a girl named Jenny. She went to the store one day for a doll. She found the "perfect" one. It was dressed in all black with chains around her ankles. Jenny played with the doll  everyday until she got bored and threw it away. The next day Jenny's parents were found dead with chain marks around their necks. Jenny thought nothing of it. The next day Jenny's brother was found dead on the floor with chain marks on his neck. The next night Jenny heard a small high voice singing. " Jenny, Jenny, I'm walking on your lawn. Jenny Jenny I'm climbing up you stairs. Jenny Jenny I'm walking down your hall. Jenny Jenny I'm walking in your room. Jenny Jenny I'm climbing up your bed. Jenny Jenny now your DEAD!!!!!

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Yea there are many good scary stories. You should look them up at a local book store or online.

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