What Is The One Scary Movie That You Can't Watch?


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I can not name one. I am a sissy when it comes to scary movies, books, or anything like that. The old fashioned monsters like werewolf and Frankentsein do not bother me. It is the Texas Chainsaw masacre's, movies with graphic violence, based on sick thinking. These movies bother me a lot. I don't watch scary movies as a general rule.
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I really dont think there are many scary movies out there, but if i had to say one of them id probably have to say saw 3 or the poltergeist.
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I would have to say SAW, its not scary its just really gory! But blood and needles freak me out so I could not watch like the third one I had to make my friend turn it off when we was watching it in his car. It was only at the beginning to when he cut off his own leg! But besides that movie I love scary movies, if you do not like clowns I would suggest watching IT, if you want to watch a scary movie. I love that movie though.
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I would have to agree with Penny about Texas Chainsaw Massacre being the most scary although The Hills Have Eyes plays a close second.  Anything where people are being mutiliated and people being sadistic is just too much for me.  Although The Exorcist is beyond scary to the point of being satanic, it still isn't the type where you see all the gory blood and guts.
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I have to say all the Saw movies. I hate torture like that!
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ONE scary movie I can't handle seeing because it was such a joke was The Grudge! I was so disappointed. And the second one, please, I fell asleep! I love scary movies, I haven't found one yet I was scared of. Only a handful of scary movies are considered actually good by my standards...
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The only film that ever truely scared me as a child and still does now is the film adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie. The prom scene used to scare the life out of me! I don't tend to watch horror movies these days, because nothing seems worth watching. In my opinion, it's the older films, such as Carrie and The Exorcist that are much scarier!
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I am right there with pencil...movies that are really really sick. And one that is terrifying to me, is the night of the living dead. If I had to pick one.
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When I was younger they actually scared me where I had to turn away! Now I laugh at them. But if I had to say the scariest one it would have been Alien...that on scares me even now.
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There is a movie with Naomi Watts called "The Ring".  That has to be the scariest movie I've ever seen.
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None bother me, in fact, most bore me to death.  But I been wanting to see the latest  version of "The Hills have Eyes" and cannot get my wife to watch it.
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The Thing with Kurt Russell. My friend, who'd seen in before, was in stitches watching me jump and scream!
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666-the  mark of the beast-cloud ten pictures....I can't watch it anymore because I gave it to the guys that installed wy windows to show at their next youth group meeting.....
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I keep trying and trying to think of one and can't, although Pet cemetary where I know cage will run out in front of that truck makes me turn my head and hide my eyes.
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Watching the first 2 saw movies was okay but the ending does leave you parinoid! Want to watch the other 2 but haven't ... Yet
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I can NOT and I mean NOT look at the exorcist I looked at that movie by myself with ALL the lights off and after I was done looking at that movie I was freaked out I went running around the house turning on the lights looking behind me like it was somebody behind me I was scared NEVER again I will never look at that movie it just gave me a weird feeling. My boyfriend looked at that movie and he said when he was done looking at it his clothes started to move on the rack stuff starting falling off the walls like pictures and stuff but Nope I will not be looking at that movie anymore..That's the only movie that had me go crazy now this stuff that's out now is funny and boring and not even scary so if anyone see a good scary movie please let me know because I love scary movies
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I can watch them all! The scarier the better for me I love the thrill of the chill! Just watched on the other night that was about the creepiest movie I have seen in a while, a lady goes back to Russia to visit her family home and keeps seeing herself, Dead! Creepy!!!! It is called The Abandoned!
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Lena JH
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Oooo you sound like my kinda friend! Lol most of my friends are wimps when it comes 2 scary movies
Steven Vakula
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When I find the name of that movie I'll post it here because it was a spooky one! I love scary!
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Geoff Pursel answered
I can't watch anything with snakes in it. Even though most snake movies are corny, I've always been deathly afraid of them. Heck, I couldn't even handle the snake scenes in Harry Potter 2 when my little bro watched it, and those are the worst movies ever.
So, it's not really the horror, torture, satan worship, monsters, or psychological stuff that bother me. Just snakes. Don't know if that counts or not.

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I love scary movies but the Ring scared the crap out of me I could not sleep alone for weeks and I was in my 20's , I went and saw it with 3 other people and that night we all slept in the same room ,,, but the Ring II was not great and Ring you was not scary at least to me ,,,,,
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I honestly don't think I have ever watched one that bothered me to much and have found myself watching a lot of horror movies lately. I watched some lame ones last night Hostle, Hostle II, and Midnight Meat Train. The chainsaw movies are getting old, but They are fun to make fun of and laugh at.
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I love scary movies. But I can NOT watch "Evil Dead" alone. I did that once and it scared the bjeevers out of me. Whats worse, I love Dean Koontz books.... He's one of my favorite authors, and I have abut 60 of his books. But theres a few that I will NEVER read again because they scared me so bad...If they ever make any of them into movies I probably wont go see them.
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I love psychological thrillers, but I cannot handle seeing gore. I just end up hiding my eyes, and not watching the movie anyway! :)
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The exorcist, definitely! To this day, I will begin watching it only to turn on all the lights and call my mom. I have seen a lot of scary movies but that is one that just creeps me out!
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The Exorcist is a classic..but from the newer ones.." Dead Silence" was an excellent horror flick
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This is really hard and a great question. We love scary movies here. Me and my kids have lots of scary movie time! I am trying really hard to think of one I "can't" watch...... The Exorcist was scary when I was little but now is even funny to watch. It scared me ass a kid and even now gives me the creeps. I hate clowns. But it gets dumb in the end. I don't believe in ghosts or stuff like that so those kind of movies are just entertaining. Stuff that can really happen creeps me out. The Hills have eyes movies are scary to me. But I can watch anything. Unless there is severe heartbreak, like I am Legend, which scares me a bit.
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I can't watch any of them, so I don't really know many of them. One that I was forced to watch by my brother, however, was chainsaw masacre, which was the most disgusting and sickening thing I've ever seen....and I didn't even watch the entire thing. How sick!! Iiiwwwwww!!!!!
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Hmm... I haven't really seen any scary movies lately. It would probably be Vacancy. That movie was kind of disturbing.
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You that mask worn in the movie 'scary movie' yea any films with that mask in it. I'm so scared of that mask
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I can't watch ANY scary movies! I saw part of the original b/w Frankenstein when I was 5 years old (at the next door neighbor's house--my mom wouldn't have let me watch it) and I STILL have nightmares about it. Growing up, my friends would always try and trick me into watching scary movies by telling me it was some other movie. I don't like commercials for scary movies. They give me nightmares too. My roommate is a freak for the scary movies--I stay out of the living room when I see she is watching TV with the lights off and I can hear that scary movie music...
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Definitely pet cemetary that gave me nightmares for bout 3 weeks, shroomz is a bit fukked up tho,,,
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It was not a movie, but it happened about 40 years ago when a man who tough I was head shot stabbed me with a bayonet on an AK-47 and I had to lay very still or he would have shot me DEAD, NO CHOICE! And when they left I set off claymores and got them all!

Now that nightmare for 40 years, YOU LIVE IT!!!

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Jacquelyn Mathis
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My God dear, I can't imagine how terrified you were!!!! To lay there like you were already dead, only ever heard of that, never knew anyone other than someone being attacked by a bear doing that. Up here, the Grizzly and the Kodiak Grizzly are something you don't mess with, even a black bear with cubs. I applaud you sir!!! With an ovation as well!!!!
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I haven't found one that I couldn't watch.I love to watch them alone in the dark,It gets the adrenalin going.
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THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE is the only movie that scared the hell out of me!!! I couldn't get out of bed that night to go to the toilet lol
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I have one the Starngers!!! It's about people killing and dolls come out and kill them too!I heard my sis screaming when she saw it and she slept with me!
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Honestly, horror movies arent too scary. Theres only three movies I can even remember being scared watching, and they are The Strangers, The Poltergeist, and Saw 3. There are some other scary ones, but these are the only I can think of that really made me not want to sleep that night
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Andrea Lincoln answered
The Exorcist scared the living crap out of me, and I only saw the scene where Regan's head turns around like an old broken doll, and I swear I spent the whole night sitting up in bed jumping at every sound and shadow. So I know if I were to watch the whole thing I would never be the same, that's some serious stuff right there, Dead Birds was another one that shook me up pretty bad, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there really aren't many horror movies nowadays that can stir up pure and sheer terror.

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