Why would someone like to watch scary movies and shows but then they end up getting paranoid after they watch it? That is what I do lol


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I think some people just like that feeling after watching a horror or scary movie. My brother watched The Exorcist many years ago and for a week after whenever he went to bed he had every light on in the house. He wouldn't let anyone turn them off, the movie got to him that much lol...

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Good question! I think people like scary movies for a number of reasons.. Firstly, there's the curiosity of wondering what's going to be so scary before you tune in.

Then there's the adrenaline buzz when things start getting scary as you watch.

There's also the aesthetic appreciation of horror themes etc... I for one like the whole scenery, clothing and atmosphere in movies like Sleepy Hollow for example.

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Yes i can get freaked out over scary movies too ..hahaha

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I hate the feeling i get after scary movies. Although this movie about cutting hurt my psychy a bit more. The reason I do sometimes watch scary movies is because behind the scariness they have a really great story. Sometimes I'm just bored of the same old happily ever after. And the gore doesn't bother me too much. 

Sometimes that just makes me laugh although rarely. I haven't actually watched many horror movies, but a couple I have watched are "murder by numbers" with Sandra bullock and "the x files" with David duchovny.

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