Where Can I Find The Piano Music Sheet For Servant Of Evil?


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You can find the piano sheet music for Servant of Evil on This song was originally created by Akuno-P and was adapted for the piano by Kai Huang.

The entire song consists of 10 pages, which is considerably lengthy for a piano piece and is for more intermediate to advanced piano players.

The story behind the song is an intriguing one. It was released in 2008 and is based in Lucifenia and follows the servant Allen Avadonia, who has dedicated his life to the princess Riliane.

Serving the princess turns out to be a difficult, and ultimately deadly task.

In the end, he is executed in the princess’ stead, but not before saying his last words:

“If I could be reborn, I would like to play with you again.”

You can watch Servant of Evil being performed on the piano right here:

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