What Songs Has Kate Moss Appeared In?


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Girija Naiksatam Profile
Along with modeling Kate Moss has appeared in a series of videos as well. Her very first video was "Kowalski" by a band called Primal Scream. The second video she appeared in was "I Just Don't Know What to do with Myself" by a band; the White Stripes. Her third video was Johnny Cash's "Delia's Gone".

Moss has a lot more to do with music than just appearing in videos. She's has also been back up vocalist for the bands Primal Scream as well as Babyshambles. The latter is the band of Moss' present boyfriend Pete Doherty.

Within the past year Kate Moss came into a lot of controversy after one of UK's leading dailies published pictures of her snorting lines of cocaine. This resulted in a number of fashion labels and some of the most famous brands ending their contracts with her. Immediately after, she rushed herself to rehab to seek treatment and issued a public apology for her behavior.

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