How Do I Upload Songs Onto LimeWire?


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Go onto limewire.Download it.Then go onto search.Type in the particular song,and or artist name,be careful to make sure there is correct capitalization,and spelling.Then a list of the artists songs will come up, but if you typed in a song,then the song should come up.Double click on it and there you go!
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Many people nowadays upload songs onto popular file-sharing websites on the Internet, such as LimeWire. It is a very popular website, especially among the aspiring singers and musicians who write and compose their own songs, put them onto websites like MySpace and attempt to bring out their work into the public domain online so that they can get their names out into the online music market, promote themselves and their work and become popular.

The simplest way to go about putting your music onto LimeWire if you are an aspiring musician or singer who has just composed a private album is to put the songs you desire to make known to the public onto a folder on the LimeWire website. This folder is called the LimeWire Shared folder.

After that you must inform all the people you want to tell about your music, so that you all can connect to LimeWire and avail of its services. You can automatically share files with anybody when you are connected to LimeWire. Of course, you also need to set appropriate search terms for your songs, which will be easy for the users to use and find your songs.

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