Who Sang 'Ghost Town'?


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Jerry Dammers, member of the band named The Specials, sang 'Ghost town'. Jeremy Dammers was born in Ootacamund, India on 22nd May 1955. He was the founder and the keyboard player of a band named The Specials. The band's name was later changed to The Specials A.K.A. He helped start up the 2 Tone record label which made the new ska sound popular in the 1980's. He was a known anti-apartheid campaigner who wrote the song 'Free Nelson Mandela'. He also organized the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute Concert. This concert was broadcast on 11th June, 1988 from London's Wembley Stadium. He briefly played with Madness on the single 'I pronounce you' the very same year. In recent years, Jerry DJ's in English pubs after falling out of the spotlight.

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