I Have A Crackly Singing Voice But I Love To Sing. I Know I Can Sing Well. What To Do To Make It Stop?


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I agree with previous comments.

Also are you using your diaphragm properly? You could be over doing it hence the crackly sound you are creating. A good singing coach will help you train your breathing =]
good luck
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Sounds like you could be hoarse or have a soar throat my advice to you would be to use an old remedy known as lime and honey if that doesn't work or if nothing is seriously wrong with your throat I recommend singing lessons!!
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Go to a throat/nose specialist. There could be a minor problem with your vocal cords, but don't worry, as long as you haven't been smoking or something of the sort, you might be able to get it fixed! You want to make sure you vocal cords are healthy. It's really important!
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The best thing you could ever do is find a singing coach/teacher.
I am guessing that you are pretty young, if that's the case your voice has not fully developed yet.
It may or may not change.
Some of the best known singers have a raspy voice.
Janis Joplin, Steve Marriot,
Don't over work it.

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