Does Choi Minho from Shinee Have A Girlfriend??


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No, Choi Minho from the South Korean pop group, "Shinee" does not have a girlfriend, although the singer has been romantically linked with Kwon Yuri, the lead dancer of the popular Korean girl band "Girl's Generation".

Choi Minho and "Shinee" The K-pop band were manufactured in 2008 by SM Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in the far east. As well as Choi Minho the group contains four other members who are Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin.

The group are hugely successful in South Korea and Japan and have released three full length albums, four EPs, one live album and numerous singles.

The band are also fashion icons in their native country - starting what has become known as the "Shinee Trend". They are also known for their stage performances which include complicated dancing and highly-synchronised moves.

The group started to become more famous in Japan during 2011 when they released a single and recorded their studio album "The First" in the country.

The band starred in their own reality Television show, held a concert tour and have won numerous awards for their music. Their debut single was called "Replay" and was released in 2008.

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