Does Ashley Banjo From Diversity Have A Girlfriend?


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Ashley Banjo's girlfriend Yes Ashley Banjo, the English street dancer, choreographer, actor and leader of dance group "Diversity" does have a girlfriend. Banjo is currently in a long-term relationship with fellow performer Francesa Abbott.

Ashley Banjo found fame following his dance troupe's success in the 2009 finals of "Britain's Got Talent".

"Diversity" took the competition by storm, even beating the bookmakers' favourite Susan Boyle to the top spot.

They received a total of £100,000 for winning "Britain's Got Talent" and went on to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show later in the same year.

The dancer revealed that after the competition there has been an increasing amount of female interest in him. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said...

"About 99 per cent. It's flattering but embarrassing, too. I've heard there's some pretty racy stuff on the internet about me, but I haven't googled yet, I'm far too innocent! My girlfriend Frankie is also a dancer and we've been together for three years. She finds it amusing, but she's not the type to get jealous. She trusts me."

"Diversity" were also nominated in the dance section final for the South Bank Show, but did not win. However, they did win an accolade at the Pride of Britain Awards.

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