Can Anyone Tell Me Anything About My Banjo, Maker W E Temlett Model Apollo Number 1?


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I can tell you that this banjo was likely made in the early 1900's, and that it was made in Britain by one of the two Temlett banjo manufacturers, specifically, the son of William Temlett Sr, who had a banjo shop in London from approximately 1846 until his death in 1904.

His son, William Ernest Temlett is the maker of your banjo, had started to work in his fathers shop at age 14, and at age 30, he set out on his own to open his own banjo shop where he made several different models over the next few decades.

The Apollo had at least 4 versions, (I have Apollo Number 4), and many of these were made for other manufacturers or for specific people, and were engraved with that info.

W.E. Temlett was one of the better makers of banjos in a time when their popularity had soared in the UK, but his father was known for using more mother of pearl inlay & decoration in his instruments, which is evident by comparing models from the two.

I'm not sure any of this helps, but there is considerable info on the net which comes up if you google "Temlett Banjos".

William Temlett Sr. Was my great grandfather.

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Years ago there was a banjo named 'Jetal' = J. Thibouville & Lamy. Founded in Paris in 1790 moved to London in 1888 to 10, Charterhouse St., Clerkenwell. Had a shop there until 40/50 years ago (all banjo's made for them NOT by them. The makers included W.E.Temlett & Wilmshurst / Mathews of Birmingham & Windsor & Houghton of Birmingham,   In 1880s thier banjo's cost from 3/8d to £3.10.0. In 1920s they cost from £3. To £6. 10. 6d .   Just to let you know that Temlett also made banjo's for others too.

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