Where Does The Banjo Originate From?


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The banjo is a type of a stringed instrument which is of African origin, earlier the banjo was Gourd Banjo. The predecessor of the banjo is known as the Akonting. It is a common belief that the name Banjo has been derived from the Kimbundu term which mbanza. The modern banjo comes in various forms including a four string banjo and a five string banjo. However there is a new banjo that comprises of six strings and its tuning is very similar to the guitar and it is gaining rapid popularity, the typical banjo style is characterized by the fast strumming or by the arpegiation of the right hand, however there are many different types of styles of banjo playing. The banjo is most commonly associated with country blues.
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The only thing I might add to this (or correct) is that the banjo is very closely related to Bluegrass. Bill Monroe, the considered

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