I Know Some Of The Lyrics But Don't Know Song Title/Artist. Can You Help?


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We've all been there. The latest catchy pop tunes stuck in your head, leaving you wandering the streets humming out loud much to the bemusement of passers-by. But just who is it by? And what is the name of the song?


You've got the main lyrics of the choruses in your head, but you just wanna get home, fire up the PC and blast it loud in your room. Well, to do that you're gonna have to have the artist and track name. So how can you find it?

Well, just like how you can find the lyrics to a song you love, you can find a song you love with just some lyrics if you know where to look.

A simple search in Google will usually yield helpful results and at least put you on the right track towards the song. However, there are some specific sites that can help you find a track. Song Lyrics.com and AZ Lyrics.com are two of the biggest and most popular sites out there.

IPhone and iPad users can also find themselves the proud owners of an app called Lyric Search which serves exactly the same purpose at the sites listed above. It can be found at the App Store and the usual places.

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