How Do I Find Out The Name Of A Song?


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Finding out the name of a song is actually really easy - my son showed me how to do it several months ago, and I was surprised by how simple it was!

Finding Out The Name Of A Song When You Know Some Of The Lyrics
The best way of doing this is to use a search engine. Type the lyrics that you know into the search bar, surrounded by quotation marks "like this".

If you're having trouble, it might help if you include the word "lyrics" in your search. Normally, you'll get several hits telling you what the song's called and who sings it!

Finding Out The Name Of A Song Whilst You're Listening To It
If you've got a smartphone, there's actually an app that you can download. It's called SoundHound, and it "listens" to the song that's playing and searches its database for a match.

Usually, within 15 seconds, it'll come back with the song's details - that includes name, artist, album and release date!

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