How Can I Find The Name Of A Song By Typing The Lyrics?


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Neha Agrawal answered
The best way to find a song - if you only know a few words of the lyrics and don't even know the artist - is to search for it on Google. I know this might sound obvious, and your attempts might not have yielded the results you'd have liked, but don't panic - there's an even easier way!

If you only know a few words of the song, but you're sure they go in that order, put them inside quotation marks. For example, if you were thinking of Hey Jude by The Beatles, you might put "Take a sad song and make it better" into Google search and get results saying "Lyrics to Hey Jude by The Beatles."

However, if you submitted the same query without quotation marks, you might not get song lyrics come up at all. Obviously, the example I just gave is a really popular song, so you're not likely to have much trouble, but if you put in something a little less well-known then you might get something entirely different.

What Do I Do If I Get Too Many Results Back? Narrow it down, of course! If you put "Take a sad song" in quotation marks and still couldn't find the song (although with that example, you probably would), try adding the word "lyrics" outside of the quotation marks.
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It is very simple to find the name of the songs. I do it by using Google. The above lyrics are from the song called You'll never walk alone. It was by the famous singer Frank Sinatra.
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I don't think you can. Maybe if you type the name of the song and lyrics, it just might work. If you can't get the name it will be harder to locate but it's worked before so....

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