Are There Any Song Lyrics That Contain The Girl's Name Sandra?


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There aren't very many songs about the girl's name Sandra that come to mind, other than Sandra Dee from the famous 1978 musical movie Grease. There's also the reprise at the end of the movie, called Goodbye to Sandra Dee.

Sandra by Barry Manilow (also covered by Dusty Springfield)

Although the name 'Sandra' isn't actually mentioned in the lyrics, this song is about a housewife and mother called Sandra, as the title suggests.

Golly Sanrda by Eisley

The song begins "Golly Sandra/You've grown up really crazy" and seems to be about the relationship between a parent and child, sung from the perspective of the parent.

Mambo Number 5 by Lou Bega

This song isn't really about someone called Sandra, but it does mention a girl with that name in the line "A little bit of Sandra in the sun."

You can look up and listen to all of these songs on Youtube. Hope this has helped!

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Go to this site and search your lyrics...use the 'search the lyrics thru text' box. Awesome website for lyrics, I love it!
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Visit and search the words you know in any song but be sure to use the 'search lyrics thru text' box. Great site!

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