What Ray Charles Song Contains The Lyrics:'...And On That Day, Somehow I'll Find The Strength To Stay away.'?


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It sounds like you're getting two songs by two different singers mixed up with each other. 

I looked up the lyrics you mentioned, and it turns out someone rather unexpected first wrote them!

Where the lyrics are actually from

The lyrics '...and on that day, somehow I'll find the strength to stay away,' actually comes from the song 'One of These Days' by Barry Manilow. Similar lyrics can be found in Ray Charles's song 'I Believe to My Soul,' which may be the song you are thinking of.

R'n'B Legend Ray Charles Wrote This Song Himself

'I Believe to My Soul' appeared on side two of Ray Charles's 1961 album The Genius Sings the Blues. If you prefer the Manilow song, it can be found on his 1973 debut album Barry Manilow. Here's the Ray Charles song complete with lyrics:

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