What Song Has The Lyrics: 'Hey, How You Doing? Sorry You Couldn't Get Through. If You Leave A Name And A Number, I'll Get Right Back To You'?


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The track you're looking for is Ring Ring Ring by American hip-hop trio De La Soul. The song was the second single from their second studio album, De La Soul Is Dead, and was released in 1991.

Lyrics to Ring Ring Ring by De La Soul

Yes, this is Miss Renee King from Philadelphia I want you to please give me a call On area code 215 222 4209 And I'm calling in reference to the music business Thank you (chorus - repeat) Hey, how you doin'? Sorry you can't get through Why don't you leave your name And your number And I'll get back to you Once again it's another rap bandit Fiending at I and I can't stand it Wanna be down with the Day-Glo Knocking on my door, saying, "A yo yo" Knocking on my door, saying, "A yo yo" "I got a funky new tune with a fly banjo" I can't understand what the problem is I find it hard enough dealing with my own biz How'd they get my name and number Then I stop to think and wonder 'Bout a plan, yo man, I gotta step out town You wanna call me up? Take my number down It's 222-2222 I got an answering machine that can talk to you It goes (chorus) Yo, check it, exit the old style, enters the new But nothing's new 'bout being hawked by a crew Or should I say flock 'cause around every block There's Harry, Dick, and Tom, with a demo in his palm Now I'm with helping those who want to help themselves And flaunt a nut that's doggy as in dope But it's not the mood to hear The tales of limousines and pails Of money they'll make like a pro I be like, "Yo black, just play me the tape" But at the show the time to spare I just make But the songs created in they shacks Are so wick-wick-wack, situations like this And now I hate they give me smiles Kool-Aid wide and ask "Was it def?" And with the straightest face I be like, "Hell yes" I slip them the digits to Papa Prince Paul So I don't go AWOL but yet I know when they call They get (chorus x2) Check it out Party at the dug-out on Diction Ave Haven't been to the jam in quite a while Figure I'll catch up on the latest styles 'Stead piles and piles of demo tapes bi-da miles All I wanna do is cut on the decks wild But edition up here bi-da miles to the center Reliever of duty, Plug One mosies in And I be like, "Yo G, Pos does all the producing" Now woe is me to the third degree Mase pulls the funny so I make like a bunny Jettin', but I'm getting used to this demo abuse Getting raped and giving birth to a tape 'Cause there's no escape from the clutches of a hawker Attached to my success, sent like a stalker Make way to my radius playin' fly guy Try to get on my back they force like Luke Sky Me, myself and I go through this act daily And rarely do I not No matter how I dodge some jackal always nails me No matter what the plot And even out on tour they be like "Yo I got a tape to play you back at the hotel" I be like, "Oh swell" Unveil the numeric code that dials my room And tell them to call me at noon But of course there's no Answering machine in my room But a pretty young adorer Who I swung on tour And if it rings while we're alone She'll answer the phone And with the quickness she'll recite like a poem "Hey, you done did the right thing, dial up my ring ring Now you're waiting on the beep Say, I would love if you'd sing The tune to Tru instead of fronting on the speak" So no problemo, just play the demo And at the end it's break out time Please, oh, please don't press rewind 'Cause I'll just lay it down the line (chorus x3) Peace Yo what's up man? This is Ronald Master down with the Fish Tank Posse, man, you know man So you know you can just hook me up, True You know we got this fly new jam called "Swimming In the Fish Tank" You know we gonna rock it man You know what I'm saying I, I just need your help, Prince Paul gave me your number You know man, you just gotta do that for me Got this fly bass-line Got these fly trombones in it man So just hook me up, man, just look out, all right Call me back at 557-2223 all right man Just look out, all right, look out for a brother man
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It was by De La Soul and it's called "Ring Ring". The album was De La Soul is Dead.
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De La Soul -  Ring Ring Ring.
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Update -2013:

This song has just been re-released by British pop band Little Mix featuring Missy Elliot.

I'm always glad when a British band does well, but with so much real

musical talent going unnoticed and unsigned, it can get annoying when bands like this are formed on the X Factor and then just release a cover. I guess they have worked out a process and a formula, and they know it works.

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I remember a similar song from 79Paul Evans - Hello, This Is Joannie

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Originally it is "Curiosity Killed The Cat" and the song is "Name and Number".

Much nicer sound!! :)

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