How Do You Find The Key Theme Of A Song?


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Carefully read the lyrics of the song without the music playing in your head nor around the area. FInd out what the song is mainly about and what message the writer is trying to send to you, the reader. It helps a lot if you pay attention to the lyrics.
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When it comes to the key theme on which a song depends it requires a careful observation on your part to decide that. First of all you should listen to the song with rapt attention and not just once but a few times so that the song can be in your mind quite well.

Now what you can do try to relate the lyric of the song to feel that if you have the similar emotions and the song is becoming a voice to what you feel. If you like the song this is bound to happen that you start finding your own thoughts being expressed in the song and then you simply required to express your own feelings to describe the theme of the song.

Sometimes though you do not have similar experience as the song is expressing, you can understand the pith of the song and can understand its theme.

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