What Is The Value Of Any Beatles Album?


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The value of any Beatles record varies considerably due to a number of different factors.


Firstly and most importantly the condition of an album is paramount in determining how much money the vinyl will be worth. Valuable albums are usually categorized as very good (VG), better than very good (VG+), Near Mint (NM) or Mint condition (M). Mint condition denotes that the record has never been spun before.


The pressing of the album is also crucial, as albums are made in different pressings and some have different covers, labels, posters or photos included in that particular batch. The rarest pressing of an album will be considerably more valuable than will any further pressings of it, due to its limited availability.

Different Versions

The Beatles generally released more than one version of each album - different versions being released in different countries, for example. Again, as with the pressings, some will have different songs or photos included in that particular version, and the less common versions will be more valuable.

Rare Beatles albums value in 1976 compared to 1996. All in mint condition.

- The Beatles; Frank Ifield ("Portrait" cover): $600 (1976) - $20000 (1996)

- Introducing the Beatles, blank back: $125 (1976) - $1200 (1996)

- Introducing the Beatles, brackets label: $150 (1976) - $1500 (1996)

- Songs, Pictures, and Stories of the Beatles (VJ LP): $150 - $2500 (1996)

- Beatleviews '66, interview LP: $10 (1976) - $150 (1996)

To make sure you don't get ripped off, I would advise you to take the records to a proper dealer and get an evaluation of their worth there. If not, further research on the web could help you find out a more accurate valuation of your records.

Mark Henderson

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Take them to a record dealer.  They can give you a value by looking at the records' condition.  If all the albums have the jackets and they are in good condition, the records aren't scratched, etc. The value may be more.  Some songs/albums are worth more than others.
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It depends on how good the condition of the album is, and what music is in it.

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