What's your favorite Beatles song (ANY Beatles song)?


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Glad someone finally asked. 'Yesterday' is my all time favorite. And whenever Im reminded of it, it starts playing in my head. It is such a beautiful song.

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Ryann Movie lover , My favourite two Beatles songs is , answered

Yesterday and Hey Jude

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
I have such great memories of that song. I was fortunate enough to attend a Beatles concert in Houston in 1965, and of all the songs they performed, memories of those heady days come flooding back when I here "Help!" and "Can't Buy Me Love".
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I looked through the entire catalog of more than 250 Beatles songs, and it is almost impossible to pick a favorite -- there are just so many indelible personal and cultural memories tied up in them.  But if forced to pick two (just can't bring myself to pick one), I would have to agree with Ryann Movie Lover: Yesterday and Hey Jude.

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