How Many Strings Does A Banjo Have?


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A banjo is available in a variety of different forms; a banjo is available in a set of four strings, five strings and now in modern days it is also available with six strings. The banjo is mainly connected to country or bluegrass music; however it has gained recognition in a various different musical genres. With historical significance the banjo had occupied major place in the African American traditional music.

The banjo is mainly consists of a wooden rim or a metal rim, along with plastic polyester, the banjo has a drumhead stretched across its body, this drumhead is made up of either the goat skin or a calf skin.
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Colleen-Elizabeth Donnelly
do you play the banjo or did you just Google that answer?lol

i play the banjo and wow i didn't know that much about it till now

mines a 4 string and i play Irish traditional music with it
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4 5 or 6
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It is usually 4 strings.
Stick with the classic 4 string banjo. :)

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