How Can I Watch Pinoy Bold Movie?


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  • What are Pinoy Bold Movies
Pinoy Bold movies is a broad term for a whole range of Filipino movies of a sexually explicit nature. As such, viewer should be 18 years of age before being able to view them. On a computer with parental control measures activated, it will therefore be impossible to watch them. Unfortunately, many family PCs still do not have these measures in place. All it takes is for a youngster to come across these, or other, similar clips and check a box declaring that they are over 18, and off they go.

  • Parental Controls
Although in the author's personal opinion a little sex is by no means as harmful as excessive violence, it is not a good idea to allow kids to see these or similar films. Life is too short and they will have plenty of time for this kind of thing a little later, when they will be more likely to digest the material without getting confused or even frightened. Parents may find the advice Google offers on family safety helpful. In addition, tutorials on how to activate parental control on Windows Vista and Windows Seven can be located at Bleeping Computer and, respectively. There are, in fact, many tutorials like these, including those for mobile phones, such as the iPhone4, for instance.

  • Where to Find Pinoy Bold Movies
For those who are over 18 and want to watch a Pinoy Bold movie or two, they are quite easily accessible in a variety of places, including VideoSurf, Wowbulaga and Juan3, to name but a few. A final word of warning: Anyone watching these movies under 18 years of age is actually breaking the law. Claiming to be 18 when this is not true can be regarded as committing fraud. Think about it.

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