How to watch free tagalog bold movies right now?


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Bold or Bomba films from the Philippines are a risqué form of movie that used sexual images and scenarios, often censored then represented with the cut scenes reinserted as a more daring movie. They had their heyday in the seventies. They can be broadly split into two types, hard core and more artistic films. The Bomba established itself as a genre after the film Uhaw in 1970.

There are therefore two forms either Bomba film can be watched in, cut or uncut. 

• Legality
A search of streaming sites should turn up a few Tagalog Bold movies, however there are dedicated sites specifically serving this area. The legality of watching copyrighted material must be stressed; by downloading material from a streaming site, you may be breaching a copyright somewhere. Even just watching a movie may raise problems, depending on the state or nation you live in as local laws naturally vary across the planet. Streaming sites have been the focus of many anti-piracy actions from the entertainment industry, and downloading clients have even been pursued in the courts as well.

• Internet security.
For reasons best known to themselves, many sites can be adulterated with malware, ranging from virus software to adware. Care should be taken with active anti-virus software being installed before you start searching.

• Sites.
Please note that many sites will require membership and may not necessarily have any real content, or may even shunt you to a sponsoring site. Again, discretion is advised as this can lead to malware infections or virus attacks. However, if you still want to have a go at watching tagalog bold movies here are some sites for you have a look at: and

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