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It is possible to watch the clique online for free on a multitude of sites. We have listed six of them here:
  • The Clique
New girl Claire Lyons has just moved from Orlando to Westchester. She very quickly finds out that it is not going to be as easy as she first thought to fit in. She is not one of the rich girls, with expensive handbags, shoes and designer clothes, like the majority of the girls at her prestigious new school are.

To make matters worse, Massie Block, who's guesthouse Claire is living in, is the school's most popular girl; and she has decided to make life as miserable as she possibly can for Claire. Massie and friends Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory and Alicia Rivera are determined to do whatever it may take to well and truly destroy Claire.

They are not counting on Claire, however. She refuses to let them keep tormenting her and when she finally decides she has had enough, Massie looks set to lose her precious throne at the school.

  • Writers, Director and Producers
Liz Tigelaar adapted Lisi Harrisons novel for this movie which was directed by Michael Lembeck. Clique was produced by Bob Levy and Leslie Morgenstein, with executive producer Tyra Banks and line producer Tom Keniston.

  • The Stars and Their Characters
Massie Block is played by Elizabeth McLaughlin, Ellen Marlow is Claire Lyons and Alicia Rivers is played by Samantha Boscarino. Sophie Anna Everhard is Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory is portrayed by Bridgit Mendler. Vanessa Marano is Layne Abele and Elizabeth Keifer is seen as Judy Lyons.

This film sounds like good fun and we hope that one of the links above will provide someone with 87 minutes of good fun.
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I am very excited to watch Clique movie on this site at any time. I have no site to watch
Clique Movie online. Share the site with me.
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Well you can try but that one has really bad advertisements
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I don't know god leave me alone just tell me wear and I will watch it
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Probably on
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You can watch it on y wuld I tell anybody jus google a movie and the website wil pop up where you can watch it at!!!! Lolz this is jus 2 funny!!!

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