What's The Best Movie That You've Seen Lately?


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Sarah Ann Profile
Sarah Ann answered
My favorite movie is Step Up To The Streets!
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Anonymous answered
Life of Pi.
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
I have not watched any new movies lately. Yet there are many I would like to see.  I think the last movie I seen on TV was Cars and that has been out forever.
mai Vang Profile
mai Vang answered
The last movie I went out for was 'The Forbidden Kingdom'. I thought it had a good story behind it. I like the fighting, though some of the people I know didn't really like it at all.
abby Profile
abby answered
Either Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One or There Be Dragons.
angelica meneses Profile
Step up revolution. It is filled with emotion and happiness. It also talks about how to save a neighborhood and love.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I watched Skyfall a few days back, which is one of the best movies of this season I think!
Ankit Singh Profile
Ankit Singh , movie freak, answered

The recent movie that I saw was gravity on HBO. It was the best and the concept was pretty good . I don't like Sci-fi that much but this one was awesome.

Peter Cohan Profile
Peter Cohan answered

Every person, has the best movie that he considers a great masterpiece. A movie that not only made a great impression, but also a movie that you can watch many times. So for me it is "Avatar" . This movie attracted me with an interesting plot, great acting, and of course the vivid computer graphics. By the way, I recently bought an IPTV/OTT MAG set-top box  https://www.infomir.eu/  and watched this movie again in the best quality. It was awesome.

joan saviour Profile
joan saviour answered
Bollywood movie "Haunted". It's a horror movie but entirely different. I think it is a good movie but for adults only.

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