What is the best movie you've watched so far? :D


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Probably K-Pax.

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After Earth with Will Smith

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I know this movie got bad reviews before it hit the theatre, but it was really good. The technology was superb and both Father and son's acting was Oscar performance. I saw movie 3 times.
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Harry Potter.

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Horror ... Anything by Alfred Hitchcock

Holiday ... It's a Wonderful Life (with Jimmy Stewart)

Musical ... 7 Brides for 7 Brothers

Science Fiction ... Serenity

Fantasy ... The Hobbit "Unexpected Journey" trilogy

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I would probably go for Spirit , it is about a wild mustang who gets captured and taken away and when he frees him self again he gets caught again and he tries to get back home with his heard! I would tell you more but I'm good for now! But there was never a number 2, so I wonder if there will be?

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I don't think I have a 'favourite' movie .. But i do like movies that affect me ... True life stories that make me rethink or learn about something.

Two that come to mind is .. "American Sniper"  and "Temple Grandin" .. Both transformed me into a sobbing pile of poo at the end .. Because they taught me something about each of their realities and deeply moved me .

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