What was the most confusing movie you've ever watched?


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I would have to say two ! 2001: A Space Odyssey , which was good but confusing and the other would be Eraserhead! Couldn't even figure that one out,

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The Woman in Black. Only because of the ending. It's a great movie imo! The ending is so confusing tho! I want to know why the woman killed Daniel Radcliffe and his son (I forget the name) he had helped her get her son back and she killed him! I'm wondering if it's because she wanted him to be happy and see his wife or she's really that cold hearted.

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The Matrix...

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Space odyssey and west world

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Two (well, four, really) that I'd have found very confusing if I hadn't read the books first were, "Rosemary's Baby" and the three movies that made up "The Millennium Trilogy".

Rosemary omitted (or failed to emphasise) a lot of the necessary cues, and the producers of Trilogy  tried to fit too much material into three standard-length movies.

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Primer (film about time travel)

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Kioyre S.
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:/ I struggled to watch that movie. I've tried twice! I got about half an hour or so into the movie, but it was really difficult to go any further... Is it any good or worth my time (besides it being 'confusing'?)
Phineous J. Whoopee
I tried to watch it on hulu, it was very confusing - I kept having to back it up and rewatch things to figure out what was going on.
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Guess I wouldn't want to waste my time again :P
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Gone Girl. After I watched the movie, I read the book and the ending in both was done on purpose by the author. Totally sucked. So, I picked up another book by the same author and she has done the same thing with the endings. 

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I actually enjoyed Gone Girl. I underestimated it, but I thought the underestimating is what made it at least a tad enjoyable... I understand what you mean by 'confusing' though. I haven't read the book yet, even though I have had it for some time now (unfortunately watched the movie before I could read the book. I hate that) Again, the ending was a bit wonky, but interesting in a way!

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