Does Anyone Know What Year The Movie 'Friday' Came Out?


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The stoner buddy-comedy Friday, starring Ice Cube as Craig Jones and Chris Tucker as Smokey, was directed by F. Gary Gray and released in 1995. The film was released on DVD in 1999 and on Blu-ray in 2009.

About The Film

As the title suggests, the film takes place on a Friday, and follows the lives of two unemployed friends living in Los Angeles as they attempt to find $200 to pay a drug dealer for the cannabis that they were supposed to have sold, but smoked instead. The duo have until 10pm on Friday night to pay the drug dealer or Craig will be killed.

The Friday Series

Friday is the first in a series, followed by Next Friday which was released in 2000, and Friday After Next, which was released in 2002. In late 2011, reported that there were plans to make the final instalment in the Friday series, to be titled Last Friday, but as yet no further details are available.

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