Is Nicki Minaj Fake?


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NO NO NO NO NO NO!She aint fake.Yall need to stop talkin all this junk bout her she is 100% real all the way.So what if she looks kinda different then how she did when she was first starting so what.People change I mean like when I was ten I looked like a freaking cabage patch doll now I'm 21 and I look like one of those girls that be dancin in videos and all that.Stop hatin on this girl and let her live her life.
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She's not fake she may do some stuff like make it rain or just make money but she's a real live rapper and singer so yeah she's not fake
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There should be no problem if she is fake because she is doing something that she loves and something that she wants to do. So let her live her life and get out of it if you don't like it
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she can be your lover , friends, brother, and family and so on, please take care of this little gril, if you need some them, welcome contact me. mail:[email protected]
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So what if shes fake ,shes making money
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No it's not fake.
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Her nose and her boobs are. But other than that she is real.
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Well Not Her But Her Body Is I Guess Thats Why Shes A "Barbie" I Mean Barbie's Plastic So I Guess Nicki Pretty Much Achieved Her Goal
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Ummmm well her booty, nose, and breast r fake. But datz what makes her a real girl if you no what I'm talkin bout
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Yo yall nigga' s better stop playin your self. Since nicki not gone see this I'm goin 2 stand up 4 her. Da way you think she is ain't. She might had some dings done but she f#ckin real.DEUCES.                                                                                                                                                            Pebbles
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Well it depends if your talking bout the WORD than know but if your talking about some one than yes nikki minaj is real she some what of a celebrity. But her so-call personality is all so fake !
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Hel l yes shes fake and so are the people trying to be like her(I'm not saying annny names r******)...she was fat...she had plastic surgery evveryywherreee!!!...her voice is one of the most annoying voices ive ever heard!!!..(I'd rather listen to fran talk from the nanny the one of nicki minajs songs)!....
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Nicki Minaj is so Fake...She mite be Pretty cause all that Plastic Surgery But if she didnt have that she wouldnt be looking the Dmn same And when she says I'm a Barbie __come on now "Fake"...N Her songs are Kinda stupid!!!!

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If your talking bout apperence yes, but if your talking bout her soul, heart, and personality, I'll say she seems  like a sweet and gentle person. Don't you agree?
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Nicki Minaj is fake everything about her is fake the only reason why people say they like her is because of her fake body parts.

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