How much would it cost for Nicki Minaj to perform at my party?


10 Answers

Olivia Barlow Profile
Olivia Barlow answered
About 90-100 thousand since she's VERY popular from when she started.
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Probably around £5,000.00 for a 10 minute spot . 
Dylan Lemke Profile
Dylan Lemke answered
About 10,000-50,000 I would say, depends on if you actually talked to her or not
Damean Berry Profile
Damean Berry answered
Lol none of these answers are right, and that looks so fake lmao

it would probably cost roughly about 20,000 but then it depends anyway, there is no set price

it all depends on the venue, location, her expences and publicity
Indiah Miller Profile
Indiah Miller answered
Haa too much!

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