How Do You Get A Song Off Your Mind So You Can Get To Sleep?


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That usually happens with me.. What it is with me though is if i have a song in mind, and for whatever the reason is but i cant seem to get it out of my head.. What i do is i actually play the song or listen to it out loud other then thinking of it.. And it goes away. It clears my mind.. Well hope it helps..
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I'll do that too sometimes....but what I do when it just won't leave me alone....I grab a book that I've been reading and read for awhile, that usually puts me right to sleep. Or, I'll get up and watch TV for a few minutes. Good Luck, I know it can be very frustrating.
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This happens alot with me, I now have to keep the tv on, to stop my racing thoughts and songs that just stay around, it works somewhat for me, I leave it on cartoons, and turn the volume down, when that doesn't work I jot things down on a notepad, this help free my mind enough to sleep, and if all else fails, AMBIEN works wonders
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I pray until I run out of things to pray about.
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My goodness don't tell me, its one of the horrible things i had gone thru.... Well i did all i could to get it off my mind but even COUNTING SHEEPS WHICH I TRIED HAHAAH didn't work. So eventually ended up seeing the morning light and cursed myself for listening to the songs. :)
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What I do is focus on the silence around me. It takes some practice, But be patient and it will work.

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This happens to me mostly at night.Sometimes this works.Close your eyes and concentrate on SLOWLY deep breathing.Think '-Breath in breath out'-this helps prevent the song from seeping back in. Sometimes this helps me.Good luck!

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