How Much Does It Cost To Get Beyonce At My Party?


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About 100.00 dollars
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I had beyonce at my party yes it was very expensive
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Whether you want a slow dance with Justin Bieber or a twerk with Miley
Cyrus - these are the mind-blowing appearance fees that your favorite
A-listers charge to turn up at your party.

The last solid figure we could find for an appearance from Biebs himself
was a MILLION dollars... But with a horde of newly converted Beliebers
spanning the globe, we're sure he's charging much more in his 'Purpose'

Image result for How Much Does It Cost To Get Beyonce At My Party?Yes, you read that right... 8 MILLION DOLLARS! That's the price
Westfield paid her to switch on the Christmas lights at their mall in
Stratford, East London, back in 2012. If you want RiRi to flick the
switch on your fairy lights at home, you'd better start saving!

He might be taking his sweet time releasing his third album, but in the
meantime you can expect to fork out $1.5million to get a live rendition
of 'Uptown Funk' at your nan's 80th next month - but we're sure she'll
love you even if you can't get the 'Treasure' superstar down the local
Working Men's Club.

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I am trying to book beyonce to a party and the agent I chose stated that the price to book beyonce is 1 million dollars.
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Get a Black man..Dress him up as a girl...Teach him to lipsinc...
Hired black man=30 Dollars
Sexy Girl Clothes=100+ Dollars
Lipsinc Lessons=50 Dollars
Peoples Reactions=Priceless
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For a 20 minute performance by Beyonce its going to cost you $500,000.00

Also, remember its hard to get a Celebrity to come to your party if there is no media coverage. So if your going to have someone famous come to your party, contact MTV and go on their show Sweet 16!
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Id depends how much money you can give her, Which she's worth more than Tom Cruise's house, and that's like, BILLIONS of dollars, Which is sad, because I'd rather have Lady Gaga at my party, Not Beyonce or Mrs. J-Lo. :]
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Way way way more then 10 thousand 600 thousand at best but  their has been speacalations that she does party for 5 millions but its 100% not 10k a celebrity DJ eg samamntha ronson is 28 thousand
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Well beyonce is one of the bigest stars today  and well everyone is asking her to perform privet parties just like you and beyonce will only perform at the party that pais her the most and the price it would probely be is about...$10,000 my dad paid about $9,000 for her to come to my party but that was a year ago and the price is rising if you are from britain(like me)you will have to transfer your pounds to dollars becuse beyonce aint got enough time in her busy life so does that answer your question
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To much I thought beyonce would help some people out but I guess not. Dam now I got to cancel my twins 17th  birthday something they have been wanting since 10 years old.

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