Where Are Zara Shops In UK?


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There are Zara shops located all over the UK in major towns and cities. The size of the store and the type of merchandise for sale will reflect the size and popularity of the area and what kind of demand there is from customers.

For a list of all the current Zara stores in the UK, have a look at this guide to find stores in specific cities or postcode (zip) areas:
Many smaller towns and cities will only stock certain lines of clothing and may not offer kids' clothes or men's lines for example. In general, it will be the larger UK cities such as Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham where customers will be able to buy clothing ranges for men, women and children. There is also a home department where shoppers can find crockery, towels, bed linen and other items such as photo frames.

The Spanish retailer has also recently launched a new UK website, where customers can browse clothes and home ware products from the comfort of their home. There is also a 'lookbook' where customers can look for ideas on what to wear and what goes best with a particular item. The UK website can be found at the following link:
As a result of the brand's growing global appeal, there are also websites available for other countries around the world too. A list of these and links can be found at the following site:
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There are numerous ZARA stores in many cities of the UK. Some of the places where you can find the store in the UK are Basingstoke, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Watford, Maidstone and  many others. You can find the exact address of the stores here.
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Please advise Zara Shops in the Essex Area?
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Zara in cheshire oaks
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Shops within london area
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Zara, the world famous Spanish fashion brand has a number of outlets in the United Kingdom. Most of its outlets can be found in the London at Regent Street, at Kensington High St., at Long Acre Convent, on 79-83 Brompton Road, CC Centrale at CC Whiteleys, at Harlequin Centre at New MSU, U65 Duke of York's and at Unit 19 in Cardinal Place.

There are two stores on Oxford Street where you can find the label, 333 and 242-248. If you're situated close to Leeds you can visit Briggate 192/132 or the White Rose Center. In Manchester, the store is located at 2 Shambles–New Cathedral. In Nottingham the store is located in High/Pelham Street. Some of these stores might not stock kids clothing while some other may stock only women and kids' collection. You can also visit the brand website and find out other outlets that would suit you the best.
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Okay well I live in birmingham and the city centre has a Zara shop=) ive never been in it though=) I just know its there because its so bloody big haha=)

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