Where Are Argos Shops In Ireland?


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Argos keeps the largest general goods retailer in the UK and Ireland and is has more than 670 stores. If you are in the Irish capital of Dublin, you can find many stores of Argos in the city and the address of some of them are as follows:

1) Dublin IIac Centre 394 2) Dublin St. Stephens Green 584Parnell Mall, The IIac Centre Unit 114
Dublin 1 St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre
Co. Dublin St. Stephens Green West
Republic of Ireland Dublin 2
Co. Dublin
Republic of Ireland.

Originally it was called Green Shield Stamps' Catalogue shop and was re-branded as Argos only in July 1973 and started operating with staff of 1000. In the year 1979 BAT industries bought it for the sum of £32 million and in the year 1990, Argos de-merged from BAT Industries and Argos Plc was launched. Later it was purchased by Gus Plc and in September 2006, Argos retail group de-merged from GUS also.

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Tralee co kerry

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