What Was The Name Of This Toy Girls Played With? Wear Around Their Ankle And There Was A Bell At He End Of The Line And We Would Jump Over It?


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It is called a footsee. My younger sister and I both still have ours that we got in 1968. We were 10 & 8. The ring is yellow with a red bell attached by a green cord. I have just cleaned out my attic and found them. They were made in Montreal.

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You're right, I remembered it being called Footsie. What a blast from the past. Ii was a toy enjoyed by both little boys and girls. If you were good, you'd be able to have a footsie on each foot.
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When I was a kid I had one and it was called a Bell Hop... My daughter had one called a Skip It. Mine had a bell on the end, and my daughter's had a ball with a counter on it.
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My sister and I also had this toy and called it a bell hop.
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