What Was Beyonce's Education Like?


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It's thought that Beyonce Knowles left high-school at the age of 14 to concentrate on her music career.

Although she received private tutoring during the rest of her teenage years, it is not known whether Beyonce received a high-school GED (General Educational Development) certificate.

Beyonce's schooling
Although Beyonce is undoubtedly a role-model to many young women, it's thought that she did not excel at school. Her musical talent became evident at very young age, and her father even quit his own job to manage his daughter, while she was still in primary school.

Some quick research shows that Beyonce attended St. Mary’s Elementary School in Houston, Texas, and then went to Louie Welch middle school - where her skills as a dancer, singer and performer were first discovered.

However, because of her rapid rise to fame, Beyonce never had a chance to receive a proper education.

Beyonce is going back to school!
In fact, it seems that Beyonce now feels that she missed out by not finishing high-school, judging by the fact that she was recently photographed entering an adult education center.

According to media reports, she's interested in finishing her studies now that she can take some time away from her career.

I think it's great that Beyonce is trying to make up for all that she lost out on as a child, as this sets a great example to aspiring young musicians. Getting an education is just as important as financial success!

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