What Did The Tattoo Amanda Bynes Had In "What A Girl Wants" Look Like?


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Amanda Bynes is an American actress who featured in the 2003 movie 'What A Girl Wants' with her portrayal of the character Daphne Reynolds. During the movie, a small tattoo of a moon and star is visible on the left hand side of the base of her neck. The tattoo is thought to be a fake, as pictures have appeared since the movie was shot in which the design can no longer be seen.

Celebrity tattoos
Although Amanda Bynes' tattoo might not be real, a host of female celebrities have chosen to express themselves through the medium of body art. The designs they choose range from the rather enigmatic Buddhist Pali incantations that adorn Angelina Jolie's back, through to the downright poetic phrase: 'All that we see or seem, is nothing but a dream within a dream'. This features on the back of Evan Rachel Wood's neck, and is a quotation from the author Edgar Alan Poe.

Amanda Bynes in a spot of bother
If Amanda Bynes were to pick out a tattoo design, I somehow doubt she would opt for anything similar to those that have been chosen by the actresses mentioned above. The phrase: 'everything must be carried out in extreme sobriety' might be more appropriate for her to choose as a tattoo, as it might remind her of the dangers of drinking too much and partying too hard - a pitfall that an increasing number of Hollywood actresses struggle to avoid.

If you think I'm stereotyping poor Amanda, I'm not. I'm actually referring to her arrest in April 2012 for driving under the influence and side-swiping a police vehicle. After the incident, she tweeted a cry for help aimed at President Obama, pleading for the arresting officer to lose his job.

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