How Can I Get FREE Backstage Passes To A SELENA GOMEZ Concert?


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As Selena Gomez sings ‘Big Dreams in My Little World’: "Someone told me to believe, that if I believe, anything could happen...”, and though it may seem near impossible to get a free backstage pass to a Selena Gomez’s concert, there is a way where "anything could happen”. Other than the usual way of entering associated competitions and hoping for the best, there is another way where you can actually apply for backstage passes to Selena Gomez and other associated stars such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and The Saturdays absolutely free, by simply joining

By signing up to this website that has been set up for dedicated fans like you, you can have the chance to meet your favourite celebrity, fulfilling those "big dreams”.  Once you have signed up to this website, Meet A Celebrity will inform you whenever you favourite celebrity, singer of group will be appearing somewhere publicly, to give you the chance to meet them face to face.

The site also boasts the added bonus of giving access to purchasing celebrity merchandise and the chance to buy tickets to up and coming gigs. Meet A Celebrity also enables you to track when and where your favourite celebrity will be appearing publicly from such networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, enabling you to be the first to be informed of you celebrity’s goings on. The Meet A Celebrity site will also give you information when such artists like Selena Gomez will appearing for a CD or book signing, or when they will be appearing on a TV set or recording studio. Excitingly, sometimes elite tickets are available to the Meet A Celebrity members, where the site’s team have the access to a limited amount of backstage passes who they can pass on to all of their dedicated members. So if you want the chance for you and your friends to meet your favourite pop star or group with opportunity to have a chat with them and maybe even a photo and an autograph, then sign up to Meet A Celebrity, where all your "big dreams” can come true.
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You have to either win something or call selena and ask for some
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marisol lopez-angulo
Win??i dont know where?what?where?how???although that would be perfect for my budget.but can i purchase them?if so,how much?what web site?i want to get them ASAP.

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