How Do You Get Backstage Passes To A Concert?


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I recently took my niece to meet Justin Beiber earlier this year.  I used a book that shows you exactly how to get backstage passes.  I have already been backstage to six concerts since I bought the book. It really works!!!!!
The book is the ultimate backstage book and it will show you exactly how to get backstage.
Just go to google and type in ultimate backstage book
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I also used the ultimate backstage book and it really works.   It will get you backstage fast.
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I also used the I got backstage passes website and got to meet Selena Gomez when she was in town.

The book does work!!
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marisol lopez-angulo
How did you get the backstage passes??desperate to get 4 for upcoming selena gomez concert in dixon @the dixon may fair in may 2011!!!!
marisol lopez-angulo
I have even tried going to that website your talking about but it says the company no longer exists???
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Getting a backstage pass isn't easy.

The most common way to get a pass is by winning a competition. If you particularly like a band, join their fan club. Most will run competitions for you to win passes if you buy tickets. Some may also have points in their performance for you to be invited onstage and give you a chance to perform/win gifts and get backstage. This would depend on the band.

Another way to get a pass is to think about who you know. And then who you know who knows someone! Do you know someone that works for the record company or venue? Does a family member? Perhaps you or they could call in a favour or see if they can organise a backstage tour.

Probably the last, least exciting and most work would be to get a job in the venue or with the touring company!! Use your skills to their premium. But do not abuse your job by taking advantage of the position you are in. It won't do you any favours in the long run!

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