How Does Music Affect A Person's Character?


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Music can have a fundamental effect on a person's character, and different music stimulates different parts of the human brain. Music is an art form that can change the way we perceive situations and think about things.

  • Music can have an effect on concentration - for example some people find it easier to concentrate and perform tasks whilst listening to classical music. However, it has been proven that pop songs, with catchy melodies will make concentrating harder.
  • Music will also have a profound effect on someone's mental state - a slow and ambient song may put your mind at rest and help you relax, whilst an aggressive uptempo song can stimulate you and get you pumped up.
  • The emotions that music can help you express will also shape your character. People who are into the same genre of music may share similar characteristics.

Can music change the character of a person?

It has not been proven that music can actually change someone's character, but it has been proven that music can have an effect on the development of their character. For example if you have liked R&B all your life and then suddenly start listening to heavy metal, your character will not change significantly. Instead the music you listen to may affect your day-to-day mood and could alter your character slightly in the long term.
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The effects of music on a person's character have been tried and tested a number of times. Music affects one's psyche and state of being. In the broader sense fast music that includes a particular set of beats is said to sharpen ones concentration while mellow music is said to put one into a more meditative state.
A study that was conducted in one of the universities in the United States of America showed that violent music caused the arousal of destructive thoughts and speech. It also suggested that the kind of music that one listened to affected a person's thinking patterns and his/her interpretations of various things. However, there are still many people who believe that the degree to which music influences a person largely depends on his/her state of being.
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affects our personality. Music included. 
Exposure to different types of music will alter our character like soft music shows  person very innocent and hip-hope type music shows person very cool so music change our mood and mind fresh.

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Music will let you stay peace from your headaches and gives you relaxation.

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Binaural Entrainment is a way that scientists have found that frequencies can literally alter our brain waves.  Certain brainwave patterns can immediately lead to feelings of relaxation, sleepiness, focus, anxiety, depression, anger....

Music follows this same principle, with the addition of lyrics, which can also have an effect on the listener.  A song angrily sung can cause feelings of anger in the listener.  It's very important that all artists, especially popular ones understand the way their music will impact listeners when there are thousands or millions of them. 

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It totally does affect the feeling and wellbeing

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I once heard that music is the only thing which is really able to change our character. The combination of music and right words can create miracles indeed.

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It can ruin it. A person can turn into a suicidal person when listening to metal and when listening to rap a druggie.

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