I Just Have To Know: Do The "Fruit Of The Loom" Guys Really Sing ?


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terry rossignol Profile
terry rossignol answered
I believe they are singing the song themselves!!!!
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Haha!!=)  That's so funny!!  I've wondered that myself and watched the Adam's apple to see if it was moving.  The things we want to know...hmm...
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
I'm pretty sure they are because that's not the original apple.  they switched him with this new guy once they started singing and I think they did it because the first one couldn't sing. 
Laura Smith Profile
Laura Smith answered
I think they TOTALLY ROCK !! It is such a great group of guys ! I almost get teary when I see the one with the dad and child. SUPER
Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
It could very well be the fruit of the loom guys. With all they can do with synthesizers and stuff, it wouldn't surprise me.
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
It's possible. I can't say for sure so I will provide my opinion. I don't think they are simply because it would be much cheaper for the company to use people who can't sing and are lip singing. Not to mention the talent search can be averted.
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Lynne Dwyer answered
I'm not sure if they actually sing, but I do know there's a tune that sings when my husband is wearing them.
Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
Sure, I believe they are actually singing. What good would it do if they were found lipsinking. It would probably hurt the company. Besides, like Pencil said, they can do a lot with synthesizers. Peace
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Denis Taylor answered
I haven't seen any of the commercials...I don't watch live TV (except baseball)...only stuff I have DVR'd or movies...just so I won't have to sit through commercials.....aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! That's the life......
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Laura Smith
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dinny appreciate the honesty. dvr's are awesome !! don't have one currently, plan to in the future.

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